Gerecycled (grijs)

2.5 Liter round

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2.5 GL/PCR
Totaal Excl. BTW
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200 stuks
€ 1,56 per stuk
500 stuks
€ 1,37 per stuk
900 stuks (1 pallet)
€ 1,24 per stuk
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Note: this is a product made of recycled plastic (PCR). A very good, sustainable choice! Note: this product is not suitable for packaging food products. You can use white or transparent buckets to package food products.

This multifunctional 2.5-liter round "GL" bucket is suitable for safely packaging your products. They are characterized by their tamper-evidence feature, which gives the end-user the guarantee that the bucket has not been opened before. The buckets are made of polypropylene, which makes them lightweight and also suitable for foodstuffs. Thanks to the handy bracket, the buckets are easily carried around.